The 10th Anniversary of PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival Celebration in New York

PLURAL+ past winners in a discussion on the power of videos and how young people are using it as a powerful medium to express themselves. Photo: IOM/2018

On 19 November, IOM and United Nations Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC)celebrated the PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival on social inclusion, migration and combating xenophobia in a gala dinner at the UN Headquarters in New York. In attendance were PLURAL+2018 winners, young media makers and past PLURAL+ winners as well as high-level government representatives.

“In PLURAL plus 2018 videos, I was very proud to see more and more young voices from diverse backgrounds telling stories that are thought-provoking and inspiring.”— IOM Director General António Vitorino.

The wining videos were selected out of more than 370 videos from 72 countries worldwide. This year’s winning videos come from: Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Czechia, Egypt, Greece, Guinea Bissau, India, Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, and Zimbabwe.

IOM and UNAOC awarded four outstanding young people for their videos on PLURAL+ themes of migration, diversity, social inclusion and prevention of xenophobia. Photo: IOM/2018
The Mimesis Ensemble performing Kinan Azmeh’s “The Fence, The Rooftop and the Distant Sea, 4th movement” beautifully expressing in music stories of migration. Photo: IOM/2018

Keynote speeches were convened by Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Chaker Khazaal, a Palestinian-Canadian reporter, writer and speaker in which they highlighted their experiences as migrants and the obstacles they overcame to be accepted and be heard.

“PLURAL+ is not just an event going by, it’s giving hope to millions of people watching us, this is the power of today” —Chaker Khazaal. Photo: IOM/2018

On 21 November, PLURAL+ celebrated its 10th anniversary and 2018 partner awards at the Paley Center for Media where past winners and young media and filmmakers attended the event.

Young winners posing with their awards for their video “Color Makes the World Better”. Photo: IOM/2018

A number of PLURAL+2018 partner awards’ winning videos were screened. Young media makers from all over the world gathered and celebrated their winning videos.

Winner of PLURAL+ Reel Grrls Award for her video “Is Being Raped the End of the Victims’ Lives”. Photo: IOM/2018

Present were organizations working on youth and media related issues as well as PLURAL+ partners.

Winners of the PLURAL+ 2018 International Jury Award (Up to 12); PLURAL+2018 CDI Togo Award;
PLURAL+2018 The Peacemaker Corps Association Award; and PLURAL+ 2018 CHINH India Award. Photo: IOM/2018

This article was written by Rahma Gamil Soliman, Migration Officer for Media and Communications at the IOM Office to the UN. Photos are by Avery White.

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