The Youth Forum and the Road Beyond Marrakech

“Engage us; invest in us; and count us in.

In return, we are committed to implementing the Global Compact — to leveraging our networks to bring new innovative solutions to the table; to contributing to the global knowledge platform through the collection of evidence, practices and initiatives for youth migrants; to using our voices to combat and prevent xenophobia and discrimination in our schools and workplaces; and to ensuring that the least privileged, most marginalised young people are included in our organisations.”

United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY) representative giving their statement at the closing of the #ForMigration Conference.
The Youth Forum brought together more than 150 young people from all over the world in Marrakech to participate in the Forum and the thematic workshops.
Roxanne Tajbakhsh during the opening ceremony of the Forum.
IOM’s Deputy Director Ambassador Laura Thomson delivering her remarks in the opening ceremony.

“[young people] need to become agents of change now. You need to come out loudly to your political and social leaders [about] what kind of society you want.” She continued to say that “…to work together with you, we need to understand you — to harness the full potential of young people, and the Global Compact for Migration gives a great opportunity to do so”.

Youth engaging in a discussion in one of the thematic workshops.
Youth in an interactive workshop.
Group picture at the end of the Forum.



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